Dead in the Heart

One thing you’ll learn if you spend enough time in the void is that there’s always the opportunity for opening. You can speak any truth in your heart. You can reveal whatever darkness is hiding in your soul. The void doesn’t judge. It enjoys the sensation of your inner wisdom on the tip of its tongue.

Speaking truth provides the chance to fall apart. The cold reaches inside you, sliding through your veins. If you allow, it will reach for your heart.

If you allow it to touch your heart,

all things must fall apart.

If you fight it, this is called struggle. Internal struggle will tear you apart in a more divisive manner. Your heart and lungs and stomach and soul will be at war. The internal dissonance is good for no one.

Accepting the void means a challenge. You must strive every day to respect your ignorance. Find acceptance in knowing you know nothing.

When it reaches for your heart, it will take a bite out of your neck. This, we call it pain, but the howl that you make won’t be heard. Call it revelation. It bites down and draws blood. The blood spreads throughout the ether, for the myriad parasites to infest, consume and destroy. Destruction is different in the void. Destruction means creation. For things that fall apart, they’re built into something greater. The void doesn’t like how things fall apart and instead tries to build them up stronger. This is the struggle of existence, building something greater that won’t fall apart, watching it fall apart and then, doing it all over again.


Sin O The Eyes

cropped-tutni2.pngThere’s a particular blast of darkness that starts out steadily in the eyes. It takes a great consideration on your part to see it. Nobody has the time to waste looking into the eyes of another, but if you did, you’d understand the danger. There is great danger in those that have even the slightest hint of this darkness. This isn’t to say they’re all a danger. Many have this darkness, indeed, we all do. It’s a matter of how much poison the body can take. It’s a matter of what you make of that darkness.

A little bit of darkness can go a long way. Your soul needs the contrast. Light and dark create something beautiful in the soul. If the scales tip too far to either side, this is disharmony. The body will falter, as will the mind, but the soul is where the suffering is stored. The unconscious possesses to great a will for a person to be happy. If you are going to fulfill the call of your destiny, you must make peace with your desires. Bring them to light. Deal with this darkness. It’s not acceptable that in a society where we’re meant to be free we cannot speak the truth. If you can’t be honest with yourself, you will suffer.

Measure a man by his eyes. Count the sorrow in every blink. Words and actions flow through the soul. You can understand everything and save yourself some time, if you just open yourself up to seeing who they really. Look in the mirror, practice with yourself. Tell me what you see.

Days of Fire – Honour Pompeii

We honour this day, for our ancestors. Their remains covered in ash, we look back and see it as such a foul fate, such a rotten blessing to be bestowed. The light of the flames from that blessed fire is something most never even saw. The light went out in a flash, so too did the light that brought them into this world. They left this world without a fight, some in their sleep, others trapped in their homes covered in ash. It happened so suddenly. It happened without concern. Life seems to have no meaning.

We honour their sacrifice, for this blessed day, when the earth devoured them whole. It can happen to any of us. We can disappear without a trace. We can fade into that mystical realm beyond life or into slivers of time, something far worse than any could suspect. We could find peace, we could find joy, we could find suffering. All we have our things to assume. We assume all will end well, but maybe, just maybe, it ends in a brilliant flash of fire and ash.

The unpredictable nature of that which we don’t know and will never comprehend creates a line of demarcation between the extent of our logic and the breadth of our ignorance. For this, we have superstition. It comes with many things that we feel discomfort and fear. Fear is the greatest motivator for the unknown. I’ve tried to see as far as the mind will go, but the extent has no meaning. There are no bounds. All is infinite. To assume an end is to assume a beginning. The origin of either, for lack of a better word, remains ‘unknown’. The unknown is very real. For what you see in it remains a mystery, because it has no substance. We give it strength, with our fears and wishes and hopes for the future. This is the nature of faith and prophecy.

– So Sayeth the Snake